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Pre-Sales Questions

Question: What is your connection speed and hardware/software like?


The servers have 10 Mbit connectivity. 100Mbit are available on request.

You can check network connection at Network section.

The typical server specification is:

AMD Opteron 170 2.0GHz (dual core)

1-2Gb DDR memory

RAID-1 SATA drives

A RAID 1 creates an exact copy (or mirror) of all of data on two or more disks. This is useful for setups where redundancy is more important than using all the disks' maximum storage capacity. The array can only be as big as the smallest member disk, however. An ideal RAID 1 set contains two disks, which increases reliability by a factor of two over a single disk, but it is possible to have many more than two copies. Since each member can be addressed independently if the other fails, reliability is a linear multiple of the number of members. RAID 1 can also provide enhanced read performance, since many implementations can read from one disk while the other is busy.

Fill free to send us request if you need more clarification.

Last updated: April 7, 2006

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