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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you have a database system?!

What is Virtual Hosting and Shared Hosting?


Pre-Sales Questions

Why don't you offer "unlimited bandwidth" hosting?

I've seen web hosting cheaper than yours, what's the deal?

How soon will my account be setup and ready to use?

Do you support Macintosh systems?

Are eggdrop bots allowed?

What is your connection speed and hardware/software like?

Is there a minimum time contract/commitment required?

How many virtual hosting accounts are located on each server?

Why should I host my web site with OlnevHost?

Can I have Warez, Serialz and or commercial software on my homepage?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Can I transfer existing domain name to ImHosted.com servers?

What type of uptime guarantee do you offer?

What are your server specifications?

Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?

Can I order even though I do not live in the USA/Canada?

How long does it take for me to get my money back if I want to cancel?

What happens if I do not like your service?

What control panel do you support?

What if my site breaks your "acceptable usage policy" rules?

Do you offer password protected directories?

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Why doesn't OlnevHost offer phone support?

Can I host an XXX/adult site?

Do you offer Ecommerce or a shopping cart program?

What kind of Technical Support do you provide?

Will I need a static/dedicated IP address for my web site?

What is your level of uptime?

Where are your servers physically located?

Do you offer site statistics?

Domain Name Questions

What are Domain Pointers?

Your company registered my domain name, how will I know when to renew?


Billing & Payments Questions

When is my payment due?

Is there a grace period?

What do I do if my account is already deactivated?

How will I be charged if I upgrade or downgrade?

How do I cancel my account?

I have billing questions regarding my account, who should I contact?

What credit cards or payment systems do you support?

Do you accept Paypal?

Publishing/Uploading Sites & FTP Questions

CGI Scripts and Databases

What Perl modules are installed on the server?

What timezone is set on servers?

Email Questions

What are the POP3 and SMTP settings?

Microsoft FrontPage

Multi-Hosted Domains

Real Audio/Video

What is RealAudio?

Reseller Hosting

Secure Server Setup (SSL)

Can I transfer a SSL certificate to you?

What is SSL?

Do you offer shared SSL?

Specific Ensim Question

How to access web pages created by users?

Overview of site security levels

Manage Your Site

Can you suggest some Ad Network?